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Septic Tank Installation
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Velickoff Construction Installs Septic
Tanks Throughout the Region

Velickoff Construction offers septic tank installation in Suncrest, WV and surrounding areas. Properties without access to public sewer systems use septic tanks to process waste. Septic tanks digest organic matter and separate elements such as oils, grease, and other floatable matter. They also digest solids, from the wastewater produced by the bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry in your home.

Velickoff Construction can outfit the property at your home or business with a septic system that meets your needs. Owner Ed Velickoff will meet with you to discuss your property’s layout. Then, our plumbers will design a system that includes a tank, drain field, and piping to handle waste.

When you need our septic tank installation in Morgantown and the surrounding area, call us at (304) 594-6076.

We Do Septic Tank Installation Right the First Time in Suncrest WV

Septic tank installation is a big investment, so be sure to choose a reliable company that does it correctly. Velickoff Construction’s crews are very experienced in septic tank installation. Residential and commercial property owners in Suncrest and across the northern West Virginia region appreciate our work.

Septic tank installation can be challenging depending on what lies below the ground and the weather. However, our technicians are always up for the challenge. We will keep you informed of our progress and any problems that arise, and clean up the area.

Septic Tank Installation Services Could Include:

Class 1 and Class 2 Septic Systems | Tank | Drain Field | Piping | Holding Tanks | Sand Mounds | Pressure Dose | Water Lines

Size is the Most Important Consideration in Septic Tank Installation

Size is the most important consideration in designing and installing a new septic tank in Suncrest and surrounding areas. Your home’s daily water usage plays an important role in determining the size of your septic tank. A larger tank is the best choice for larger families or businesses that use a lot of water. Choose from the best tank suggestions our experienced technicians recommend. We strive for superior customer satisfaction.

In Suncrest, WV and surrounding areas, contact us when you want our professional septic tank installation.